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Khairat Khaleej Engineering testing Co. Ltd.
is a reputable Iraqi Joint-stock company that was established in 2000 with the aim of providing proficient non-destructive testing (NDT) and welding services to various industries throughout the Middle East; it cooperates on a large scale with a Jordanian partner, that is the Gulf Engineering testing Est Company.
non-destructive testing (NDT)
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Over the years, K.KETCo has built a proven track record of remarkable accomplishments in the field of non-destructive testing, thanks to its founders relevant expertise and due to utilizing the most cutting-edge NDT technologies.
K.KETCo offers its services to a wide range of clients from various industries, such as oil & gas industry, refineries, water treatment plants, sewage networks, petrochemicals, power plants, railways, bridges, hospitals, stadiums and many other areas that require specialized NDT and welding services.
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Professionalism: this value is the base value that our company is built on, and so are all of our relationships, whether with clients or with employees.
Integrity: we adopt the highest moral standards which urge us to be transparent and neutral, which in turn guarantees the overall work integrity.
Sustainability: this value is a practical application for the quote that says “reaching the top is hard, yet keeping it is even harder”.
Innovation: we create suitable environment for our individuals to encourage them to innovate and motivate them to keep going, develop themselves, and build excellent confident personality.
Teamwork: this is our source of power; it increases both size and quality of our works.


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Human resources


Our staff members hold multiple recognized international certificates that are relevant to NDT techniques, such as The ASNT NDT Level II and III certification, CSWIP, CWI and many others, which in turn guarantee the highest level of proficiency and accuracy of our individuals. Plus, we’ve set some well-informed criteria based on which we hire new personnel, those criteria cover both technical and personal sides including years of experience, problem solving skills and passion for what they do. Moreover, we spare no efforts in providing our engineers and workers with regular courses to make sure that they are fully aware of the latest methodologies and approaches that are used in non-destructive testing practices all over the world and to train them to use upgraded equipment to further enhance accuracy and sensitivity of testing.


Khairat Khaleej Engineering Testing Co. Ltd.
boasts a highly professional quality control department, and our quality team members hold global quality certificates, thus, they apply international quality standards and they work in accordance to a very strict system that ensures high accuracy in all our projects. They conduct many inspection and testing processes on multiple levels and to materials, structures and practices within the company, they also exert great efforts to urge workers and technicians to stick to the quality assurance procedures to minimize epairs, and consequently minimize wastes as far as possible. The company’s management, in general, believes that quality in such projects is not ptional, but it can be the border between life and death, because disregarding quality can cause serious disasters that may take people’s lives, which is non-negotiable and no room for complacency. On another side, neglecting quality issues may hold the company legally accountable, since we are obliged to stick to standard codes that are compulsory and we cannot violate any of their specifications.


Since human resources are the most important resources and the backbone of the ompany, we must preserve them and protect them against industrial accidents that may cause us irreplaceable damages, like human losses. Therefore, our department of safety and occupational health sincerely works on making sure that all processes, practices, materials and technical structures are subject to safety procedures stated in all local and global standards, and our HSE department ensures their application as tightly as possible. HSE team specifies risks, advises on how to avoid them, highlights dangerous areas and puts restrictions on individuals’ movements within, besides, it provides all personnel with PPE (personal protective equipment). As for the environment, we never underestimate this matter; the culture of preserving the environment permeates throughout the company, among all personnel who are fully aware that causing harm to the environment is nothing other than causing harm to themselves and their health, at least on the long run.